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ECOCELL Technology AG

ECOCELL Technology AG is a Swiss joint stock company with headquarters in Uttwil in the canton of Thurgau. Founded in December 2012, this company was conceived to manufacture, build and manage properties (ECO-Solar modular homes) that are erected using the proprietary Ecocell® quick build system.

The company founder and innovator is Swiss architect and entrepreneur Fredy Iseli. Since its formation 35 years ago, his architectural firm has completed more than 250 properties and building complexes to date. Iseli’s takeover of a packaging company became the starting point for the development and fabrication of innovative products based on combs of corrugated cardboard. All of this experience was incorporated into the development of the Ecocell® quick build system based on the patented Ecocell® technology.

Opening up the company to investors and the subsequent influx of funds financed the company’s production expansion in the EU, EU approval for the ECOCELL® quick build system, and the worldwide sale of licenses for ECOCELL® technology. As an innovation driver with its eco-friendly quick build system, ECOCELL Technology AG is on track to sustainable and successful growth.