Real estate

What we do.

OLIBELL AG leverages its own real estate portfolio in its role as lessor of high-end properties for the long-term upkeep of affordable residential and commercial spaces. Located in and around cities with good transport links, throughout Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

Real estate portfolio mix.

OLIBELL AG acquires new build properties as well as properties that are in need of professional renovation. To this end OLIBELL AG has established a partner network of experienced and certified experts. The goal is to maintain and service new properties, and to inject new life into older properties through professional renovations and structural restoration work. We consistently focus on the long-term satisfaction of our valuable tenants.

New builds, renovations and administration.

Working partnerships are core elements in our business approach. In tackling architectural challenges with new builds or renovations, selecting tradespeople, and in the professional management of our properties. We have a broad network of long-standing strategic alliances and reliable partnerships with companies that possess the best competencies and qualifications in their areas of expertise. We leave nothing to chance.

Trading with properties.

OLIBELL AG is constantly engaged in the purchase of additional investment properties. Our portfolio is ever-expanding and is also regularly restructured; some renovated properties are also sold on. If you are interested in fascinating opportunities, please contact us and we will keep you updated on our activities.

Our Portfolio.

The portfolio of OLIBELL AG and its private owners primarily comprises multi-dwelling units, commercial properties and agricultural land in eastern Switzerland and neighbouring countries. For rental or leasing.