Made a lot of money with crypto? Invest some securely to keep it growing!

Since their appearance on the global financial market, cryptocurrencies have drastically changed the investment world. Their inception brought a never-before-seen earning potential where thousands of dollars could be earned in a matter of hours, even minutes. Many people around the world have made huge sums of money thanks to investing in cryptocurrencies. That said, plenty of people have lost a lot of money as well.

If you’ve ever invested in cryptocurrencies, you probably quickly became aware of one of their top qualities: Volatility.

As amazing as the promises of ICOs are, they often end up under-delivering on global expectations. You may have been savvy enough, invested in the top coins at the right time and turned a nice profit. Or perhaps your coins depreciated and you’re now looking for a more stable alternative. It’s important to diversify your portfolio – and while cryptocurrencies may paint a utopian picture, their failure to meet real-world application has been their greatest weakness.

That’s why STOs were created. In order to have a healthy and growing digital economy, we needed to connect it to real-world value.

At CROWDLITOKEN AG, we decided to aim at a market that has always shown growth, strength and stability: Real Estate. Real estate has always been and will always be a safe, long-term investment.

So, we created CRT. A security token on a blockchain system, that is used to invest in real-world properties.

CRT: digital investing for a sustainable financial future

When CRT was created, we bridged the gap between direct and indirect investing.

Investing yourself into a property is very costly and requires upkeep. It’s your responsibility to keep the property in good order so it appreciates in value. You also have to deal with insurances, damages, hidden vices and a plethora of other considerations. Investing in a real estate fund or trust might be less costly, but you ultimately have no say in the properties your money is invested in. And the end goal of a real estate fund is still to put profit in the pockets of others, not solely your own.

With CRT, you can choose how much you want to invest in any of our available properties, and you’ll never have to take care of any maintenance or be held liable for anything beyond your control. And best of all, it’s all yours to do what you wish and move around however you like. Whether you’re aiming for passive income or even long-term savings

We’ve simplified how you can earn passive income with a minimal investment starting at 100 CHF, the equivalent in Euros, or even Ethereum (ETH). Wherever you’re located, you can now invest in fully inspected and evaluated European properties and start growing your financial future.

Our real estate and investment experts make every possible property document and evaluation available to you, so you can make an informed decision that you’re comfortable with.

Reinvesting your Ethereum

Have you been looking at the ETH you’ve acquired only to find yourself disheartened by its slow decline? As all cryptocurrencies, ETH are subject to volatility. Changes in value happen every hour and if you’re not expertly monitoring your funds, you’ll often find yourself surprised by the sudden changes in the market.

As CRT is a security token, we solved this volatility issue by instead betting on longevity – even obtaining the first ever International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) for a digital security, assuring its long-term potential.

You shouldn’t have to be an expert investor to grow passive income and insure your future financial health. If you’re tired of feeling like your ETH investment is on the verge of costing you more than being profitable, then CRT is for you.

We’ve made real estate investing as accessible as it should be. Wherever you are in the world, whatever currency you could be using, you’re able to purchase ETH from multiple sources and can then convert their volatile value into a safe, long-term investment in a proven field.

Passive income and long-term savings

Every CRT you invest in gives you the potential to earn more. As your investment value grows, you can choose to reinvest your earnings back into CRT and earn even more, or instead choose to supplement your regular income with passive earnings.

Nowadays, earning a passive income has nearly become a necessity. With less and less companies offering retirement savings, we’re often left to ourselves when it comes to guaranteeing our future financial stability. The solution we devised is meant for everyone; even if you’re entirely new to investing and don’t want to risk too much of your savings.

Our real estate and investment consultants have your best interest at heart. Our success is only measured by how successful we can help you in achieving your financial goals. Whether you would like to earn some passive income or start your retirement savings, CRT can help you achieve your financial goals.

Secured and Decentralized

Even though cryptocurrencies haven’t would up being the financial utopia we hoped them to be, they did allow us to get closer to it. Despite the many inner flaws they revealed, the advent of cryptocurrencies brought along the ledger technology we know as blockchain, an integral part of a healthy, long-term investment solution. .

Blockchain technology was designed to share information on an immutable network. This solved multiple risks associated to investment trusts and funds, cutting away the human error (or intent) factor as well as the general lack of transparency. There shouldn’t have to be a middle entity profiting from your investment, and more importantly: You should always be able to know where your money is.

Financial Freedom for Everyone

The bottom line is simple: we designed CRT for you. With investing being encouraged early on in our professional and personal lives, there was a substantial demand that was being overlooked. Everyone should be able to invest in safe markets and grow their financial independence.

CRT effectively creates a brand new investment demographic. It’s a single solution to a multitude of problems. Your token is real estate backed – it doesn’t rely on popularity to grow. You can control everything from a simple, user-friendly dashboard that provides all the information you need to feel confident in investing your money. And you can rest assured that the future you’re working towards will be empowered by CRT.

Stop risking your hard earned income and start the journey to financial freedom. Book a free webinar to learn more about CRT – or, if you’re ready now, invest today!

Quelle: am 13.09.2019