ecocell – High-tech, low-cost building-system, without any sand or petroleum-based materials


Ecocell consists of high-tech but cost-effective composite materials. A conventional building with a living space of 100m2 causes CO2 emissions of approx. 30to CO2e, whereas the same building in ECOCELL binds approximately 15 tonnes CO2e in the wood components. In the case of Bamboocell, where bamboo is used instead of wooden boards, the CO2 reduction is further reduced to 30 tonnes CO2e. The structure of the paper honeycomb consists of 100% recycled paper and is coated with a recyclable mineral coating. The fossilised paper honeycombs do not contain any petroleum-based substances and can replace polystyrene insulation in SIP’s (Structural insulated panels).

The environmental benefits

  • The CO2 difference between conventional building and ecocell is 60to CO2e per residential unit with 100m2
  • No sand required
  • Requires no oil-based materials

The Financial benefits

  • Large-scale manufacturing of ecocell building elements allows cost savings of 30-40% in construction
  • The fossilized paper honeycomb does not contain any mineral oil-based substances and can be used to replace the petroleum-based polystyrene, used for insulation in house construction

Quelle: am 18.11.2021