The Savings Account That Doesn’t Charge Negative Interest

Negative interest has recently seen a surge in popularity. According to trend data, the last time negative interest drew the attention of the public was during the global stock market crisis of 2016; and it seems the threat is back. Although this financial principle has been around for a while, it only caught the attention of very few, and for good reason: no one wants it.

Absolutely anyone can easily know that the bottom line is simple – negative interest doesn’t put money into your pocket; it simply allows a little less to come out of it and will ultimately end up costing you. And since central banks set the interest rates, this could mean very meager to non-existent savings at best, and losses at worst.

CROWDLITOKEN AG believes in empowering your financial future through sustainable gains. We combine savings and investing, because trying to save money shouldn’t ever be costing you

Here’s what you need to know about negative interest and about how we can provide you with a better alternative: Earn much more with CROWDLITOKEN than you could ever possibly save with a negative interest account.

Negative interest accounts: What they’re about

Let’s begin by clearing up what negative interest is and how it can be beneficial in some scenarios. A negative interest account is an account for which you must pay to store your money instead of gaining interest on it; thus encouraging you to spend it instead of storing it at the bank.

Negative interest was made to stimulate economic growth. When put into application, it gives banks an incentive to lend money out in a more lenient way and also encourages consumers and businesses to spend. These consumers and business owners can get personal or professional loans of all kinds to help support their growth. This can be great for a declining economy as it’ll encourage the creation of new businesses as well as general spending.

But it’s also important to note that while a negative interest account might look somewhat appealing, its true purpose isn’t to put its users at an advantage, but rather to help banks deal with policies that would cost them for hoarding money. And beyond that, should you invest wisely and make gains, you’ll end up either having to pay the bank to store those, invest in something more (which will loop right back to having to pay the bank to store) or dump it into depreciating assets. No one wants that!

Why they’re not ideal

The bottom line is simple: negative interest accounts might appeal to the penny pincher in all of us, but their true purpose is to serve the interests of the bank, not ours. However much money you’ll save or gain from exterior investments will ultimately go right back to, you guessed it, the bank.

We at CROWDLITOKEN AG don’t believe in such practices. You can easily earn more in interests from investing than you ever could from negative interest savings. And with positive interests, you can always rest assured that your money is growing. You can then use those gains to reinvest and generate even more, giving much greater potential to every single dollar or euro you earn and spend.

Yes, positive interest rates can fluctuate, but so can negative interests. And the outcome from the latter will leave you with meager savings at the very best; nothing that you can grow and benefit from. We believe your money should be put into something safe that will never compromise it in any way.

CRT: Savings re-invented

When we look into our financial future, none of us want to look at how much they lost – we want to know how much we gained. In the end, negative interest fails for a very simple reason: It’s not made for economic growth. Even if you end up saving any amount in interests, as soon as you’ll spend that money, you’ll be back to square one.

It’s also important to note that you’ll end up having to spend that money. On the counterpart, if you’ve gained that same amount, you’re free to re-invest it, or even spoil yourself, knowing you’ll never have to go back to square one.

More and more users are turning to our solution, because it provides a safe and nurturing environment that is perfectly in-tune to what investing and saving money should be. As a decentralized security, your earning rates are based on market health; not on the regulation of a Central Banking System.

How CRT helps you grow

Our token was tailored so that anyone can invest in the safe and longstanding market that is real estate. Any experienced investor will tell you the same thing: Start early.

Until now, the most common and recognized way of doing so was to open a savings account with a bank and put money little by little into it. But this was never a perfect practice. Other alternatives called for considerable amounts that were simply inaccessible to the average consumers, so we set out to make it better.

Now, with only as little as 100 CHF, you can buy CRT and decide in which property you’ll invest it. You’ll have access to a team of dedicated experts in investing as well as real estate; so you can feel comfortable making fully informed decisions.

Your growth goes hand-in-hand with ours: Our very success is only measured by how successful we can make you.

Fortune favours the bold

Here at CROWDLITOKEN AG, we have created a solution which we believe is beneficial to everyone.

CRT will never discriminate against someone who is inquisitive of his or her financial future and seeks to make it better.

We all want financial security, we all want growth, and we believe and know that the best way to attain this is by allowing anyone to invest in real estate; a field previously reserved only to those who could afford to put great amounts of money into it.

We are the generation who is changing how the world of savings, banking, and investing works by using the power of the crowd. Stop putting your hard-earned income into banks that will fail you and end up charging you for trying to save money. Make a change and be a part of the solution.

Want to learn more? Book a free webinar to learn more about your future financial freedom and how you can earn money with smart real estate investments through our platform. If you want to jump right in, you can even start investing today.

Quelle: am 04.09.2019