Building with prefabricated standard elements, made of 1/4 sustainable raw materials and 3/4 of recycled paper

The Basic Idea of the newly developed ECOCELL fast Building System is quite simply explained: “Building as if with LEGO-Bricks!” That meens: Building with prefabricated standard elements, made of 1/4 sustainable raw materials such as wood or bamboo and 3/4 of recycled paper that gets fossilized in a special process. These construction elements can be used like large LEGO bricks to build without architectural restrictions. In this Process, every possible working Hour is shifted from the Construction Site to the Factory and built with high precision, but standardized Components. Lightweight composite Technology is being used in this Process, as it already is in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Since a composite Element, consists mainly of a Core of Honeycombs in addition to a top and bottom cover Board, I focused on the Development of a Honeycomb, that can be manufactured quickly. With the “fossilized” Paper Honeycomb, which consists of 100% recycled paper and is provided with Mineral coating, I developed a new high-tech by low-cost Product. The standardized building elements can be used as Floor, Wall Ceiling and Roof Elements. Entire Houses can be built from these Components by simply plugging the together. The Aim is to reduce the Work of Craftsmen on the Construction Site, to a Minimum and the Assembly of the individual Components. In other Words, building as if with “LEGO-Bricks” and in such a way that the Houses are immediately habitable after Assembly. In Germany alone, more than 650,000 People are Living on the Streets without Shelter, and more than 2.0 Million Homes are needed. This shows that the Construction of Housing, especially Social Housing, is no longer supported by Private Investors and is increasingly becoming the Responsibility of the individual States. The idea of ECOCELL is also to provide affordable living! For Example, ECOCELL could save more than 35 Million tons of CO2 in the 1.5 Million Homes planned by the German Government, compared to solid Construction. This corresponds to the Annual CO2-Emissions of 20 Million Cars, i.e., half of all Cars registered in Germany. By using Bamboo instead of wooden boards, the CO2-reduction can even be increased.

Quelle: am 18.11.2021